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First Posted: 12/7/2014

The holidays are upon us and it’s the time of the year when we go to parties, flirt with cuties, drink martinis with colleagues and dine with critical family members. In other words, you’d better look good.

Aries: If you are true to your sign, you like the color red. So whether it is a full hair color, some red highlights, or a red- jeweled charm in your hair, be merry and have a Red Raspberry Martini.

Taurus: A little volume, a full head of color, your traditional Christmas outfit and a Cosmo will add to your spirit.

Gemini: Look in the mirror. Bend your head down, shake your hair, spray it, lift it and take a selfie while drinking your Pineapple Upside Down Martini.

Cancer: Stop dropping clues. Instead share your Gummie Bear Martini with him and just tell him you want a full day at our Spa for Christmas.

Leo: Some braids and waterfall curls gathered to one side will accentuate your highlights and turn heads at your holiday Christmas party. Martini of the night – a Ring Pop.

Virgo: Come on, come on; ask for a Gwen Stefani retro hairstyle for this year’s Christmas party. Knock them out with black cherry lips, and have an Appletini.

Libra: Since the martini of the night is a Caribbean Queen, tell a story. A mermaid dress, hair woven in a fishtail braid, and of course some mistletoe!

Scorpio: When the name Marilyn Monroe is mentioned, I think of her hairstyle of course, but it’s also the name of a martini. So, while you’re sipping your Marilyn Monroe, have your stylist color your hair platinum blond. Ask for a side wave, and enjoy the compliments.

Sagittarius: Hey Christmas Girl, you have your birthday and the holiday written all over your smile. For December you can keep the ruby red lips and drink Funfetti Martinis, but take off Santa’s stocking hat and have your hair serviced just like your car…only go to a salon, not a garage.

Capricorn: Sensible, ha! I know a Capricorn whose hair has been every color of the rainbow. She wears hoop earrings the size of chandeliers, bandanas around her forehead, and sometimes she wears a tiara. Looking forward to seeing her hair color as she toasts the holiday with Vodka on the Rocks in a large snifter.

Aquarius: This year the girls are full of energy, and if an engagement ring is due, it better be presented or boyfriend is Christmas past. Also, she’s changing her hairstyle, considering black orchid lipstick and drinking Lemondrop Martinis. She’s celebrating a spontaneous Christmas this year.

Pisces: She’s in an extremely creative mood. Don’t be surprised if she orders Georgia Peach Martinis for the celebration. Her hair will be full of ringlets, her highlights sparkling as the moon casts its light on the snowflakes falling on her shoulders. Yep…the party is outside.