WWE Smackdown comes to Mohegan Sun Arena

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First Posted: 9/2/2014

He is The Architect, Mr. Money in the Bank, the turncoat of the Shield – and though WWE Superstar Seth Rollins (real name Colby Lopez) may be considered a “character” on TV, what you see truly is what you get from the 6’1”, blonde-streaked wrestler.

“I don’t know if creative control is the best way to describe it,” he said via phone interview, talking about how much input he has on his WWE persona. The interview occurred the day after putting former team member, Dean Ambrose’s, head through a pile of cinder blocks on television.

“There’s a little bit of me in this character. When you meet me, it’s the same Seth Rollins you see on TV,” he said. “It’s not like actors in movies or other TV shows, who aren’t that character any more when you see them on the street. There’s a little bit of unstable in Dean Ambrose and there’s a little bit of architect in Seth Rollins, in me. When I’m out there, when the red light’s on, when the camera’s on me, it’s me as much as I can be.”

Rollins has made a mark on the WWE universe since his days in its developmental program, but his part as one-third of the Hounds of Justice known as the shield (other members being Roman Reigns and the aforementioned Ambrose) is what pushed him into favorite territory for many fans. The trio beat down the bad guys of the business – until the night Rollins became a bad guy himself.

In a move that no one saw coming, he put a steel chair into the back of Reigns, and there came his heel turn. It was obvious from the crowd’s reaction that it was a true shock, and Rollins acknowledged the risk of such a career move.

“At the end of the day, I feel like we made the right decision, did the right thing,” Rollins said. “Based on where we’re at right now with all parties involved, I feel like it was definitely, as controversial as it was, the right decision and it was the right time.”

Soon after, Rollins went on to win the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship contract shot. The title is currently held by the monstrous Brock Lesnar, a mountain of a man who swatted fan favorite John Cena down like a fly to grab the belt – but Rollins could not care less, and it’s evident it’s not an act.

“I never intended on cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase, the contract for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, on a completely healthy individual who is well aware I’m about to cash in on them,” he said with an air of ease after being asked how he felt that a man like Lesnar is on he other end of the cash-in. “That being said – I’m not afraid of Brock Lesnar. I know that’s a lofty statement and most people should be afraid of him, but I’m not.”

It would seem The Architect is already building a scheme to take the champ out.

“If Brock finds himself in a position that is precarious that is advantageous in cashing in that briefcase, I will not be shy about doing that,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who the champion is; he’s just a man, and he can be vulnerable as well.”

Outside of his in-ring work, Rollins and former tag-team partner Marek Brave recently started the Black & the Brave Wrestling Academy, which looks to train potential independent (and WWE) competitors.

“It’s a new venture for me, it’s something I’ve never done, and it should be interesting.”

Though Rollins will shy away from too much in-ring work (“I spend a lot of time getting beat up on the weekends and on Monday.”), he’ll act as a consultant for the up-and-comers. The high-flying aerialist is ready to groom a whole new breed of superstar.

“I want these students to learn things the right way, I want them to understand what it is to work and have passion for what we do. That’s my biggest goal with this, to instill that sense of passion and hard work into a new generation.”