13 Freakishly wicked reasons Montage Mountain’s costume party is the treat of the week

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First Posted: 10/9/2014

Since Montage Mountain’s water park closed for the season, the third Thursday of every month has sucked a big fat pumpkin stem. Most commonly reserved for a night of adult fun on the mountain while gliding through a lazy river with a bucket of beer on your lap, Montage’s ‘3rd Thursday’ is coming back to life in the creepiest, yet most epic, way since Frankenstein. Thursday, Oct. 16, at 5 p.m., Montage will be hosting a Halloween costume party — and we have 13 freakishly wicked reasons it will be the treat of the week in NEPA!

1. There’s no cover. More money for your bar tab.

2. Speaking of your bar tab, Coors Light drafts will be $2.

3. Halloween-inspired martinis will be available for $5.

4. Halloween-inspired food will be available all night, including Devil Fries, Wicked Chicken of the West — complete with a mini-broomstick — and Ogre Fingers (mozzarella sticks with almond finger nails).

5. For those who are spooked easily, there is also the ‘I’m too scared’ fries, which are just plain french fries.

6. Halloween is the one night of the year when a girl can dress like a slut without being judged. The sexier the costume, the better, too, because $50 will be awarded to the sexiest costume of the night.

7. Halloween is the one night of the year guys can be as offensive as possible and it’s just considered ‘funny’. Luckily for the gentleman out there, $50 will be handed over to the funniest costume of the night.

8. There will be drinking games.


10. There will be live entertainment.

11. You can let your inner-hipster out and be as original as possible. $50 is going to the most original costume.

12. Overachievers, there is even something for you! Best overall costume of the night wins $250.

13. Held on Thursday, Oct. 16, Montage’s costume party is a solid excuse to start celebrating Halloween early. Who can get mad at that?