B-Movie Corner: The Monster Squad

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First Posted: 10/14/2014

The Monster Squad opened in theaters in 1987 to a moderate lukewarm reception. The film was wrongly classified by many as the Goonies meet Universal Monsters. The film also treaded a line between horror and childhood fantasy, a rather difficult feat to pull off well.

Over the years, many who saw the film as children have held it in high regards and it has become a cult like film with viewings all over the country that bring back childhood nostalgia. It has also struck a chord with many who long for the days of classic monster movies.

The plot is a bit silly, but it was the 80’s and fit in rather nicely with many other films of the day. The film follows young kids who form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula awakens and is also accompanied by Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman.

The monsters are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes – the Monster Squad — are the only ones daring enough to stand in their way.

While the fun elements of the film can bring about comparisons to the Goonies only in a light hearted childhood adventure manner, it is far from a film of a similar vein. The Monster Squad is filled with genuinely scary moments, especially to a child.

Also, there are people killed in the film, some are blown to pieces, have their necks broken, etc. It is not a film where violence is in any manner compared to the violent films of today; in that comparison this has more of a Saturday morning cartoon feel to the violence.

There are also great 80’s phrases uttered throughout The Monster Squad, including the classic “Wolfman’s got nards!” uttered by the beloved Horace in the film, which will have you laughing out loud.

The Monster Squad is a film that could and should be loved by old and new fans of horror. The nods to the classic universal monsters of yesteryear, combined with the nostalgic look back at childhood, along with the PG-13 viewing, make this a great film for the whole family.

Final Verdict: The Monster Squad is not without flaws. It’s a film with enough heart and soul that lets you look past those flaws and enjoy the film as purely fun ride. The monsters play up their part and the kids are believable in their roles. If you saw this as a child but have only vague recollections of it, do yourself a favor and re-watch it, it just may be even better than you remember.

Where can I get it? : The Monster Squad is available on both DVD and Blu-Ray at many retail outlets, in both single disc and special 2 disc variations. Some stores may have the film for sale such as Barnes & Noble and Walmart. The best place to find this film is online through Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or any other storefront that sells DVD and Blu-ray.