Bayonetta 2: A witch of a sequal

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First Posted: 11/16/2014

Released in 2010 “Bayonetta” was one of the most critically acclaimed action games of all time releasing on all major consoles. “Bayonetta 2” is a Wii U exclusive and it is more over the top making it a worthy sequel to one of the best action games ever made.

Not long after it’s release the original “Bayonetta” became a cult hit not just because it looks gorgeous but because the gameplay and controls are so precise and fun to play. The action is just plain ridiculous and the story is even crazier. The quality of the original made it a huge hit and it is a really big deal for Nintendo to score this game as an exclusive to the Wii U which is not known for good third party games not made by Nintendo. When it was announced at last years E3 a lot of people where skeptical that it would be successful on the Wii but “Bayonetta 2” is an incredible game.

The original “Bayonetta” didn’t reinvent the genre but it improved it with fast and fluid gameplay with precise controls and very stylish action that is a blast to play. The presentation of “Bayonetta 2” is straight out of a exploitation or grindhouse movie. Everything about this series is pure spectacular. The action if fast and frenetic, the characters are quirky and it has the highest amount of sexual innuendo I have seen in a game. The main character Bayonetta is a Witch, who uses four guns, one in each hand and one on each foot, magic spells and her hair to fight an ongoing war against heaven and hell.

If you are familiar with the series you will know about Bayonetta’s weird special abilities. Her outfit is made out of her own hair which she can control in some very interesting ways. Not only does she use her four pistols she also user her hair to create torture devices to take down her foes such as giant high heels and cages. She can even summon some giant hair demons to devastate her foes. One of the most bizarre things about this is the hair she uses is her clothes so when she pulls off big attacks the hair leaves parts of her body exposing a lot of skin. There were cool moves in the first game and part two ups the ante with a new “Climax Mode” which charges moves making you super powerful for short bursts.

One of the things I love about “Bayonetta 2” is you don’t have to be an expert to have fun with the game, no matter your playing ability you can still dominate your enemies with some really stylish attacks. None of the levels are super hard, but you get a grade at the end of the level and bonus points. If you do a really good job you get extra “halos” you can use toward buying upgrades. It is definitely possible to button mash your way through the game but if you want a real challenge you can dial up the difficulty level. One of my favorite things is the replay ability, after you complete the game there is a crazy amount of unlockables and challenges to complete. A lot of the abilities and items you can buy in the store are too expensive to buy during the game, but you can earn enough doing the challenges and some of them really change how you play. You can also unlock several costumes that don’t change how you play but you can make Bayonetta look like Link from “Zelda” or the Princess from “Mario.”

The single player isn’t the only way to experience the game, there is a online multiplayer which centers around co-op play. The goal when playing multiplayer is to get a higher score then your friends. Earned points carry over to your game letting you buy more upgrades.

If you are a Wii U owner and want an action game, “Bayonetta 2” cannot be missed. If all of this doesn’t sound good enough, you also get part one packed in the box with part 2. So if you never played this wonderful series and you have Wii U there is no excuse to pick up one of the best action games of all time.