Perfecting your tan – fake or real

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First Posted: 6/10/2014

No time to tan? Fell asleep outside in the sun? Underestimated the power of a tanning bed? Whether you spend all of your time in the sun or you haven’t had the chance to even step outside for longer than a minute, here are some tips and tricks to fake being sunkissed and to maintain and adjust being overexposed to the sun.

Going somewhere and need a quick sunkissed rosy glow? Apply a red blush or lipstick to your cheeks between your temple and apple of your cheek and buff into the skin. Finish with a bronzing powder in a “3” shape, applying to your temples down to your cheeks and then down to your jaw.

Are you donning a fresh sunburn on your cheeks, forehead, and nose? Take a lighter, more gold foundation and apply to the areas that were affected, then with a cooler/neutral brown bronzer apply to the affected areas and all areas typically kissed by the sun to help even out and subdue your burn.

Want to prolong your tan and keep yourself looking trim? Take a fluffy foundation brush and with a little sunless self-tanner, dust the product into areas of the body that contour to create a trimmer, more defined face and body (such as abs, hollows of cheeks, triceps, jawline, and cleavage).

Going out for an evening and want a full body tan that you can enjoy for the night and say “bye-bye” to in the morning? Body bronzing makeup that is transfer-proof and water resistant has been created by top brands like Fake Bake and LORAC to give you a sunkissed tan. Simply apply as a lotion and go.

Tip: White strips or laser whitening are a must in the summer to really make your tan pop and your teeth glow!

Trick: The No. 1 trick to maintaining an even tan is exfoliation and hydration. Keeping this duo active will ensure the life of your tan lasts. Try a daily gradual glow lotion in place of your moisturizer.