Let’s party like it’s 1999 or earlier

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First Posted: 11/10/2014

Make 7, up yours. What’s uppppppppppp! Oh My Gawd, Like, Whatever.

If you catch my references, you are more than likely a product of the ’90s. The ’90s was a time for sitcoms of which we can’t let go, case in point “Melissa and Joey” and the super popular “Girl Meets World” resurging onto today’s TV crowds. In the ’90s, the economy was great, and most of us were majorly concerned with the line up on TGIF and SNICK. We paid less attention to politics and more attention to Stick Stickly (I still can sing the song that tells you his address).

The ’90s are still alive and well today. It is a generation that left a lasting impression with the kids who read books so we could get a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, who got in fights with our friends over who was going to date the cover model of Tiger Beat (that we had undoubtedly hung all over our bedrooms).

We colored with Mr. Sketch markers and no one thought it was odd to see kids sitting in the back of class inhaling the heavenly scent of the blueberry marker or to be seen holding your paper up to your face as you scratched the sticker the teacher gave you.

Now we are adults trying to hold on to those precious memories from our youth. I thought I would help you guys out with a few outlets for your ’90s fix. I wrote the list in the aforementioned Mr. Sketch markers.

Www.nickreboot.com is a website that streams 90’s Nickelodeon shows and commercials 24 hours a day.

Miss GUTS? Legends of the Hidden Temple? Clarissa Explains it All? Ahh! Real Monsters and more? They are all there. If you follow @nrplaylist on Twitter you can see the playlist updates and show schedules.

Still not enough ’90s? The music was so memorable and there is one local band that really showcases the best the ’90s music scene had to offer. That ’90s Band is a 5 piece band that really delivers the full ’90s experience. Jeremy Carsman, Shaun Walsh, Scott Wasik, Gerard DeMarco and Mike Brown make up the area’s premiere ’90s party group.

The music they play is a wide range for all ’90s lovers from one hit wonders such as TubThumping by Chumbawumba, Rap, from great artists like Notorious B.I.G., Coolio and 2pac, Boy Band pop, such as the Backstreet Boys, Punk/Ska, such as Blink 182 and much more. Their set list includes hits from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, TLC, Madonna, Third Eye Blind, Oasis and more. They dance, they sing and they are easy on the eyes. Make sure if you haven’t seen them that you whip out your best Dougie moves and check out one of their upcoming shows.

Nov. 21: The Woodlands

Nov. 26: The Arena Bar and Grill

Dec. 5: Chacko’s

Dec. 6: Bar Louie – Mohegan Sun

Dec. 21: Corporate Party

You can also follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/that90s for pictures, videos and messages from the band.

The ’90s are very much still alive, do you have your finger on the pulse or have you flat lined?