Motorhead: 1968 Oldsmobile 442

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First Posted: 9/22/2014

“I’ve spent years restoring this ’60s muscle car,” Teece said. “My grandfather actually used it as his daily driver, and then my grandmother gave it to me since I was just starting to drive when he died.” “I like the fact that it is unique, not too many of these Oldsmobiles exist, and now that the whole brand was discontinued it is going to get even rarer to find one. Many people think that the 442 means the size of the engine, but it really doesn’t, from 1965 on the 4 means 400 cubic inch engine, the second 4 means four barrel carburetor and the 2 means dual exhaust.” “I like taking it for rides in the summer, in the winter it gets put away to protect the body from the harsh winter weather and road salt.”