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First Posted: 11/25/2014

Weekender is presenting our list of favorite gifts for everyone on your list.

Our DIY guide is filled with easy and fun gifts you can make at your kitchen table if you’re crafty. There are ideas perfect for holiday parties, or a kiddo’s school party. There are also some ideas to spread holiday cheer to everyone in the office this year. Oh, and did we mention they’re geared for people on a budget?

We’re showcasing some of 2014’s hottest gifts including the Keurig 2.0.

For the gamers in your life? Well Just Dance 4 is on the market and so is the newest Call of Duty.

There are answers to the question: “What can I get her/him that she/he doesn’t already have?” Check out the stylish man and woman pages for a few ideas.

And of course, don’t forget your furry friends at home. Cats, dogs, even hamsters, they’ll want something under the Christmas tree too.

We’ve included some stocking stuffer ideas and even a “Don’t go there” list. For all smiles this holiday season read this list to know what you should stay away from.

There is also so much more so without further ado, Weekender’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide:

The hottest gifts of 2014:

The well dressed man:

Classy Ladies:

Trendy Gadgets:



Stocking stuffers:



Car enthusiasts:

Beer lovers:

Concert tickets:

Music lovers:

Keeping it green:


DIY Gifts:

For adults eyes only:

And definitely don’t go here:

To all our readers, enjoy the entire holiday season that’s ahead of us. It’s a magical time with so much more to it than just worrying about finding that perfect gift.