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First Posted: 11/8/2014

Electronics tend to run our lives whether it;s a phone, laptop or other handy device we just cannot go more than one hour without having. Let’s forget the ones that run our lives, and focus on some that can actually help our lives. Here are some items to look for this holiday season.

Breathe before you drive: The holidays are always a good time to let your cares and worries go and have a drink. You may only have two or three in your system but your blood alcohol content level may suggest otherwise. You may appear sober, but get pulled over and blow a .08 or higher you’re in a tough spot. Measure your BAC with this Breathometer AO1 detector that plugs into your device’s audio jack. It quickly estimates your level, shows approximately how long until it returns to zero and has access to local cab companies (requires download). Requires a AAA battery and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. You can purchase this helpful tool for $49.99 at Best Buy.

Don’t travel alone: With places to go this holiday season, never get lost with the help of the Garmin 010-01114-00 nuvi 42 4.3” Travel Assistant. With spoken turn-by-turn directions and many innovative features, the sleek nuvi 42 offers dependable, easy-to-use driving guidance. Lane assist with junction view indicates the proper lane for a turn or exit with brightly colored arrows and detailed images. Nuvi 42 also displays speed limit, current speed and accurate arrival time. Great for drives to unfamiliar territory, or just double checking your route. Purchased online, for $108.99.

Look Ma! No hands!: Hands-free is how it should be when talking on the phone in your car. With the Motorola H19txt Mono Bluetooth Wireless Headset it’s easy to answer calls with minimal use of your hands. Just press the “answer” button on your headset, and you’re good to go. Features include noise canceling, hands-free use, multi pairing, stereo sound, multi-function button, bluetooth enabled, dual mic technology, on/off switch and echo cancellation. Talk time can last up to six hours and standby time up to 11 days. This device can be found at Target for $79.99.

Like a ninja: The Ninja Ultima Dual Stage Blender combines two stages of blending for one perfect result. Total Crushing Technology spins four stacked blades at a speed of 5,000 RPMs to blast through tough ingredients like ice, frozen fruit and nuts. High Speed Cyclonic technology spins high speed blades at 24,000 RPMs to break down whole fruits and vegetables into a creamy consistency. Variable speed puts the control into your hands. The newly designed XL, 72 oz. pitcher is made from durable Eastman Tritan and features a drip free pour spout. This kitchen tool can be purchased at Sam’s Club for $199.98.