So you want to start a brewery?

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First Posted: 11/3/2014

With the craft beer industry undergoing a boom for the past few years this has led many homebrewers to take the leap into the industry by opening up their own brewery. However, this is an industry that is not all fun and games and requires a great deal of hard work and dedication to the cause.

This is also an industry that despite having an uncountable number of books published about beer itself has very few published about the real business end of it, with a few exceptions of course. This is where Lagunitas Brewing Company owner Tony Magee enters the picture.

Tony Magee has recently written a book entitled “So You Want to Start a Brewery?” in which he discusses at length the trials and tribulations that it took to take Lagunitas from a floundering small local brewery to one of the nation’s largest craft breweries today.

However, this is not simply another book about the behind the scenes story of a popular brewery. Instead this is a business book at heart and divulges a great deal of knowledge on starting your own business, brewery or otherwise.

Tony found his way into the craft beer industry after other jobs outside of the industry fell apart in the early 90’s. Once he found his way into it though he managed to change it forever and Lagunitas still has a direct effect on the overall craft beer industry with Tony leading the way.

While many homebrewers dream big about starting a brewery once they take that step it can be a daunting one and maybe too overwhelming for some. Tony’s book offers some great advice on what it takes to make it, most importantly through avoiding mistakes that he made along the way.

Many brewery owners may publish books about their brewery’s being great and wonderful while glossing over some of the uglier sides of the story for fear of tarnishing the brands reputation. Tony is not afraid to bare it all when discussing the growth of Lagunitas to the leading craft brewery it is today.

So if you are a homebrewer with big dreams or anyone looking to start their own business but lack a business insight So You Want to Start a Brewery? is the perfect starting point to go after your dream and acts as a roadmap for how to get there, but be warned it isn’t pretty or easy!

If you would like to hear more from Tony Magee about Lagunitas Brewing Company tune in to the Beer Geeks Radio Hour this Saturday (November 8) at 10 a.m. on Sports Hub 102.3 FM as they discuss the brewery at length with Tony Magee himself.