Tap this: Brewed backed to life

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First Posted: 10/19/2014

The Walking Dead season premiere hit its highest ratings number ever for the show and AMC network, 22.4 million viewers to be exact, proving that zombies have reached a high status in popular culture. While many zombie diehards aren’t new to the genre, there is no denying that the living dead have reached new heights.

It should be no surprise that many breweries and brewers love horror films and of course zombies, given the DIY and punk-like ethos many breweries have had to adapt to survive. The love and admiration for the zombie displays itself in both beer names and artwork in a wide variety of ways.

So while you are sitting down to enjoy this season of the Walking Dead, or any number of classic zombie films, why not reach for a beer that was brewed with walking cadavers in mind. Here is a short list of some beers that were inspired by reanimated corpses.

Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Zombie Dust: This much sought after hoppy pale ale packs an intense hop punch that is perfectly balanced against a full bodied malt bill. Few Pale Ales have achieved such a fantastic balance between hops and malt without treading into the IPA category. Be warned though, this is tough to find and not widely distributed, but if you can find it, it is a must try.

Spring House Brewing- Braaaiins! : Spring House Brewing is a PA brewery that is quickly gaining a great reputation among craft beer lovers. Braaaiins! is the brewery’s take on the classic pumpkin ale style and is done to perfection with an aroma that will make you lose your mind! The taste is full of pumpkin pie spices but with a smooth creamy almost marshmallow like character that is perfect this time of year.

Tallgrass Brewing Company- Zombie Monkie: This American Porter is full of bittersweet chocolate and coffee that make for a porter that is great for fall evenings. The artwork of a creepy zombie like monkey and availability in a can make this a true winner.

AleSmith Brewing Company- Evil Dead Red: AleSmith is a brewery that is no stranger to craft beer lovers, but their Evil Dead Red is one that many may have no had the fortune of trying. The artwork featuring zombies of course is excellent, but what’s inside the bottle is what truly counts. This very hoppy Amber Ale has a perfect balance of sweet malts with citrus and pine hops that is flawless; the 6.66% ABV is also a nice touch.

Ninkasi Brewing Company- Dawn of the Red: Another hopped up version of the popular Amber Ale style, this beer takes the style into another world. The rich flavors of malt that walk the line between caramel and biscuit work perfectly in tandem with the grapefruit and pine notes from the hops, a must try.

While zombies are all the rage right now in popular and maybe will fall out of favor eventually, one fact will forever remain. Great beer will always be in high demand, and a touch of horror themes don’t hurt especially this time of year.