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First Posted: 7/16/2014

Beer: Bouncy House

Brewer: Smuttynose Brewing Company

Style: American IPA

ABV: 4.30%

Description: Bouncy House pours a delightful pale gold color with white rocky head that leaves behind a very thin layer of lacing. The aroma is full of hops with notes of pine, herbs, grass, pears, tangerine, and biscuit malt in the background. The taste follows the nose with hops up front, again bringing notes of pine and herbs with a variety of fruit as well tangerines, pear, and hints of grapefruit followed by sweet biscuit and bread malts before a crisp dry finish takes over. The balance in this beer tips a bit towards the hops, but it still is a very enjoyable session beer. The light body and moderate carbonation aid in giving this beer it’s very crisp mouthfeel and dry finish. The session IPA is not an easy balancing act to pull off, but Smuttynose has created an easy-drinking and highly sessionable IPA with Bouncy House.

Food pairing: This is a great beer to have on hand for summer cookouts and goes well with a variety of meats, but is absolutely perfect with pork. Try pairing with a pulled pork sandwich, roasted pork, and also ribs, and do not be afraid to slather on the BBQ sauce. Bouncy House will pick up on all those wonderful spices sprinkled throughout the sauce and the crisp carbonation will cleanse the palate every time! The other great pairing for this beer is fish, specifically mahi mahi. The best way to prepare it is to give the fish a spicy-sweet combination for the beer to really showcase itself and sink its teeth into. Try preparing Maple Cajun mahi mahi, as the sweet maple syrup is complimented by Cajun spices and the beer brings everything together harmoniously. If you are looking for something a little lighter, try pairing with a Waldorf goat cheese salad. If you want an exquisite dessert experience with your beer, try preparing a peach and goat cheese tartine, as either of these pairings will make you truly feel like its summer any time of the year.

The final word: The session IPA has become something of a goal for many American craft brewers. The explosion of craft beer has made many drinkers realize that after one or two – especially when compared with non-craft beer drinking friends – the night typically comes to an end early. This issue has led craft brewers to try long and hard to find the right balance of malt and hops to deliver a full-flavored IPA, but with less ABV. Smuttynose did several test batches of this beer and asked craft beer lovers for feedback to find the perfect balance, and it has finally dialed it in with this recipe. The hops are present enough for many hopheads to still enjoy their favorite beer style, and actually weighs in at an impressive 86 IBUs, but the ABV is perfect for a beer to enjoy for a long night out with friends. It also makes a perfect summer beer to enjoy by the poolside!

Rating: W W W W

Where can I get it? Currently available in 12-ounce bottles at Backyard Ale House, Scranton and Krugel’s Georgetown Deli, Wilkes-Barre. Currently available on tap at Cooper’s Seafood, Scranton; Beer Boys, Wilkes-Barre; and Tiffany’s Tap & Grill, Eynon.

Remember, enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

– Derek Warren is a beer fanatic, avid homebrewer, and beer historian. Derek can be heard weekly on the Beer Geeks Radio Hour on 102.3 FM Saturdays at 10 a.m. and his beer blog found at