QUICK CHORD: A Social State, Those Clever Foxes, and Superfood

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First Posted: 2/24/2014

A Social State
Scranton, PA
Sounds like: Nirvana and Brand New, with a mix of the musical sensibilities of Saves The Day and the weirdness of Radiohead.
Fun fact: A Social State recorded an entire album worth of material, only to trash it and write another one, recording it live on 2-inch tape. That album became “Everyone’s Your Friend.”
Find them: facbook.com/asocialstatemusic, soundcloud.com/asocialstatemusic, asocialstate.bandcamp.com
Those Clever Foxes
Scranton, PA
Sounds like: An indie-influenced punk band.
Fun fact: Those Clever Foxes can not go one practice or show without drinking at least one cheaply made energy drink called “Mossy Oak.” It started out as a joke to drink it, but they soon “fell in love with it” and take it to every show locally or out of town.
Find them: facebook.com/thosecleverfoxespa, thosecleverfoxes.bandcamp.com
Midlands, England
Sounds like: ’90s alternative meets melody-soaked Britpop.
Fun fact: The band’s website is set up like a retro video game. While browsing it, you can find a tab called “Fun & Games” that allows users to play a version of “Pong.” If their sound wasn’t retro enough for you, their site provides the full ’90s experience.
Find them: superfoodjunk.com, facebook.com/superfoodjunk, youtube.com/superfoodvevo, soundcloud.com/superfood