Makeup Rules: A Show of Hands

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First Posted: 12/12/2014

Let’s take a minute and focus on something other than your face, but equally as important. An area of the body that is second when it comes to showing signs of aging. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity, hydration, youthful tone and begins to collectively show all of the sun damage, scars and age spots. For someone who doesn’t do much manual labor I still have many concerns about the over all well being of the skin on my hands. Something as simple as washing your hands regularly with strong chemical ridden hand soaps can easily dry out our skin. If you work in retail and are continuously folding articles of clothing, this constant contact of cotton will dry the skin on your hands. Something as simple as working in an office as a secretary dealing with stacks of paper will chew up your skin and damage your cuticles. No matter where we work or what we do physically our hands are sure to take a beating. Here are some of my favorite products and uses to help bring back the youthfulness of my ever aging hands.

Exfoliating your hands is a must, try using some sugar with olive oil as a quick, easy and affordable way to soften rough dry hands. Washing your hands is a must, it’s nearly impossible to avoid cleanliness. For the avid hand washer I suggest using and organic mild hand wash with some form of built in hydration. The use of aloe vera, olive oil and a multitude of essential plant derived oils will keep your hands clean, soft, hydrated and smelling phenomenal. All of which can be found in Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap $3.99 (This hand soap is gentle enough to be used all over your body and even your laundry.)

Keep your dry cuticles soft, hydrated, well groomed and “snag free” by applying Cuticle Control by AVEDA. This aloe based gel formula can be applied to the cuticle area for 3-5 minutes, once you let Cuticle Control work its magic you can begin to push back your cuticles and then rinse off the gel with warm water. $10.50

To help with age spots on your hands try using vitamin C, this natural skin brightening oil will begin to slowly brighten scars while diminishing your sun spots. Dr. Varons Vitamin C Concentrated Oil $16.57

Two of my favorite hand creams that truly go above and beyond to combat dry skin are Hand Relief by AVEDA which includes andiroba oil and licorice to protect hands moisture levels up to three washes. $24 The second is Udderly Smooth Udder Cream a greaseless water-based cream to soften dry, chapped skin. $2.75