ALBUM REVIEW: My Chemical Romance carries on through ‘Death’

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First Posted: 3/31/2014

No matter your opinion of the band, it is hard to deny My Chemical Romance’s popularity. Their songs were always catchy, and they knew how to perform to a crowd. Unfortunately, on March 22, 2013, they announced that they were breaking up, ending their 12-year career. Last week, almost exactly a year since that announcement, saw the release of their greatest hits album, “May Death Never Stop You.” What is really nice about this compilation is that it is literally an auditory walk down memory lane, but something may be amiss here.

The album opens with an unreleased song titled “Fake Your Death.” It is a solid track and a good opener, although it doesn’t fit the album’s timeline. It was one of the last songs the band had ever recorded, and when the rest of the album takes the listener through their career in chronological order, it just seems out of place. Aside from that, the album flows well and provides all the hits that have made them famous over the years. Additionally, the three demo tracks that end the album are examples of the origins to their trademark sound.

Nevertheless, as stated, something doesn’t feel right. Greatest hits albums can pop up now and then in a band’s career, but to have it be released as close to the anniversary to Romance’s breakup as possible seems almost too contrived. One cannot say if this was their call (as if it was a “thank you” to their fans) or if it was a decision from record executives, but the idea of a soulless exec wanting to cash in on a band’s misfortune, and their fans’ wallets, is stomach-churning. Here’s to hoping it’s merely coincidental and, more importantly, the former.

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