Project Spark: Game creators wanted

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First Posted: 11/2/2014

Did you ever want to create your own video game? If you are an Xbox One owner you are in luck because “Project Spark” is an open world sandbox game that lets you build your own game using a very intuitive building system.

With “Project Spark” you can craft your own stories and game worlds that you can play and share with the world, so not only can you make a game you can also play an unlimited amount of games created by other people.

“Project Spark” isn’t the first game that lets you build your own world. There are others such as “LittleBigPlanet”, but this lets you build 3D worlds with beautiful HD graphics and a very powerful creation tool that lets you build anything you can imagine. There is also interesting visual programming language that lets you script events and control all of the actions in the game. Once you get the hang of the system you can start building games in no time.

When creating your own game the first thing you do is create the lay of the land, build mountains, lakes and rivers. Then you have to build towns and, using the programming tools, you can develop characters and interactions in the environment. It isn’t exactly easy but with enough practice you can really build something great. There is a single player game that helps explain the coding but it is a bit short and could go a little further explaining everything, there is a ton of trial and error but it is worth it to learn.

In order to build everything you want you have to play through the story campaign to get all of the unlockable items you can use to build your game. It isn’t a great tool to teach you how to do real life coding but it does teach you some of the logic you need to learn and some really rudimentary basics.

Early on when you start making your game you have to program your main characters and you even get to decide what the in game controls are going to be, like making him jump by hitting the “A button”. Making these game interactions is not easy to learn but you can do whatever you want and, thankfully, there are a ton of resources online if you want to dig into it.

“Project Spark” can make other types of games besides 3D platforming games although that’s what it does best. If you dig around the online community you can see that it is possible to make first person shooters, RPGs, music games, or any other weird game you want to make. The online community doesn’t just offer up resources on how to make a game it also delivers hundreds of games for you to play, and even more are being made all the time. You can download any game you find in the community and even look at the code so you can use it on your game or change up a game that already exists, making it brand new. Even if you don’t want to make a game of your own, there is a crazy of amount of games you can download and play just to see what other people are making.

This game was announced at last year’s E3 and since then I have been watching videos and learning about this game so I have been super excited. “Project Spark” has lived up to the hype for me because I have always wanted to build my own games. For someone creative this game will be a total blast and you get to learn some programming of your own. The tools are powerful and intuitive and really put you in control. Once you learn how everything works the sky is the limit in making your game design dreams a reality. Even if you don’t want to build something of your own it is worth checking out the game just to play everyone else’s creations.

You could truly play this game forever never having the same experience twice. This is a must play for any would-be game designers out there that own an Xbox One. Not everyone can do it but if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn you can make something amazing for the whole world to play.