Is Fantasy Football losing its appeal?

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First Posted: 10/1/2014

Maybe Fantasy Football isn’t as popular as it appears … more and more rumblings that people are getting tired of rooting for their fantasy players at the expense of their favorite NFL teams … add to that the incredible increase in injuries to top of the line Fantasy players and the philosophical changes to NFL offenses — *see running back by committee approach — and you can see some declines in interest.

Especially in waiver wire activity … people are still reluctant to replace an established NFL star with a “flash-in-the-pan” touchdown-scoring rookie or second year player … yet these situations occur nearly every week.

So Fantasy treasuries are affected, meaning end-of-year prize money will be less and interest for 2015 will decline as well.

It’s just a theory, but it appears its becoming a reality in Fantasy Football.

Around the loop

Many Fantasy owners are stuck with past points producers simply because they can’t seem to let go … some Fantasy stars are ready for hospice care, such as Tom Brady, DeSean Jackson, Darren McFadden, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger.

Fantasy owners are reluctant to pull the trigger on releasing big names and replacing them with younger, unproven up and coming stars. Why? I don’t know? Third base. Who’s on first? Exactly.

It’s that kind of confusion. So Fantasy owner consult websites, read magazines and watch TV shows searching for guidance. When all that fails, alcohol probably helps most to get up the courage to make a major move.

And don’t worry, as soon as you release Brady, somebody will jump on him — transferring your pain to the new owner. It may hurt a bit at first … Brady may throw a couple of TD passes and rack up 300-plus yards, but don’t you worry, it will soon pass … and liquor stores and bars are open late.

And so what anyway? Chances are your new-look squad will out-score the teams that rely on those aging super stars. What? Me worry? Especially if you’re in a league that retains players year to year. Keep the young stars and give away those Peyton Manning dinosaurs — well, maybe not Peyton Manning yet.


The Cowboys, Chargers, Broncos, Colts and Bengals have put up impressive numbers, while old reliables like the Patriots, Saints, Packers and Eagles have been off their games. But even the high scoring teams have gotten points from players who still haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. How long did it take you to have the nerve to pick up Matt Asiata? You probable still have Adrian Peterson on your roster, right next to Ray Rice and Josh Gordon.

Let them gooooooooo. They are worthless to you. Take a chance and pick a player you never heard of and never read a report on, but who has scored every week. Why is it so difficult a process?

These Fantasy loyalties are ironic because Fantasy owners have forsaken all loyalties to their favorite NFL teams to root for their Fantasy players over their NFL faves.

That is messed up.

That’s why, eventually, maybe 100 years from now, Fantasy Football will be gone.

But the NFL will be gone too because all their players will be in jail.