ALBUM REVIEW: Dig in with Twin Forks

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First Posted: 2/24/2014

Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional is helming a new band whose feet are firmly planted in folk and country music roots. Twin Forks released their self-titled LP this past Tuesday, which is a unique folk-ish album. He doesn’t stray away from his emo heritage, but it is that vocal styling that really suits the album and the band’s Americana sound.

The album opens up with “Can’t Be Broken.” In it, Carrabba utilizes his emotional vocals to their fullest. The song is uplifting and catchy, but in a good way; it just gets in your head. This reviewer found himself singing the chorus to himself for most of the day, and this is the case with most of the album. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot to the beat and rhythm of each song. “Scraping Up the Pieces” has a great backbeat that just lends itself to stomping.

What is also refreshing is that this band doesn’t feel like a side project; it is a fully realized band. Carrabba has surrounded himself with bandmates who complement him and each other. The backing vocals from Suzie Zeldin create a great sound along with Carrabba’s. Her vocals on “Danger” are haunting and amazing. Then you have drummer Ben Homola, who creates the backbone to every song; one example of his talent can be heard on “Done Is Done,” where the cadence he creates is reminiscent of a marching band drum line.

There are other folk bands that may do it better, but they definitely do not make albums like the one Twin Forks has made. Carrabba’s emo-like vocals, combined with what his bandmates bring to the table, create an original sound that cannot be heard elsewhere.

Twin Forks ‘Twin Forks’ Rating: W W W W