Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob

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First Posted: 10/19/2014

One of my favorite topics is back for a brief refresh on application and my favorite ways to maximize the comfort and ease of wearing lashes.

Applying lashes doesn’t have to be long and painstaking the easiest way to apply them is to have a friend do it. But not all of us are lucky enough to have a beauty expert as a friend. So in this case after a few applications of applying the lashes yourself, you will also be an expert.

To start applying individual lashes (which are cluster lashes of 5-10 individual lash hairs, with or without a knot on the end) dip the knot end into a liquid latex or other lash glue (I prefer Duo Latex Dark Tone Lash Glue) and let it dry for 20 seconds and apply to your lash line (where your lashes meet your eye lid, making sure to have them on the hair and not the skin.) I especially like using the Duo Dark Tone Lash glue since it dries dark, which will help to deepen your lash line further creating a fuller lash. Using a latex lash glue allows for your lashes to move and breathe more comfortably giving you the ability to wear the lashes through multiple days without discomfort.

To be able to see where exactly you are placing the lashes I suggest holding a large hand mirror under your chin. This will allow you to be able to look down and see where you are placing the lash through your natural eyelashes.

If you aren’t too thrilled about these techniques for individual lash self application, try a strip lash. I personally am not a fan of strip lashes, for the simple fact that they are not as comfortable and you run the risk of the corners lifting up and coming off.

An easy way to maximize your strip lashes and save you from worrying about them throughout the night is to take one single strip lash (put the other one away you won’t need it) and cut the strip lash in half. Then simply run the edge of the lash in glue, wait about 20-30 seconds and then apply the lash starting from the outer corner inward. After that apply mascara to your inner corner of lashes to blend them into the outer strip you have. This will give you a more romantic almond shape to the eye.