‘Keep it fair, keep it fair’

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First Posted: 12/16/2014

In Caddyshack, Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) tells the caddymaster to “keep it fair, keep it fair” as they are about to begin a big money match. Czervik hands the guy a few bills to help him be more fair to him, perhaps.

Fairness sometimes gets lost in the final weeks of Fantasy Football leagues. Not because of any shenanigans or bribing, but just because of the structure.

As the better teams battle for top spots and bragging rights, there are several teams at the bottom of the standings that just don’t care what happens or who wins.

As a result, they don’t pay as close attention to their rosters as they would otherwise had they been in contention. So players who are injured, or non-productive remain active and the teams playing against them benefit.

There are remedies, however. Some leagues will have a monitor who will recognize these situations and who will select a player to replace those injured to at least give the bottom feeders somewhat of a chance to be competitive.

Remember Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, who on the last day of the season was above the .400 batting mark? He could have remained on the bench and not jeopardized his rare accomplishment. Instead, the Splendid Splinter played both ends of a double-header and actually raised his average.

That’s competitive spirit.

Anyway, as you head into the final days of the season or the playoffs, know that these final games could very well determine your league’s champion. So be competitive. Replace those scalawags with real players. Try, at least, to win.

In the Neighborhood Franchise Football League in Kingston, the oldest Fantasy league in the region, the most competitive season in history is winding down. Almost every team in the 12-team league has a chance to win the title. It’s unprecedented.

In the NFFL, the league guru will make those changes if the franchise holder is reluctant. He will peruse the waiver wire and select the top-rated players and insert them into the lineup. This makes for a more competitive finish for the league.

As that TV Harvard professor said so well, if you win this league, “You earned it.”

And that’s the way it should always be. No free rides to the title. Win it fair and square. And don’t use Al Czervik’s method of paying off the referee.

Yes, “keep it fair, keep to fair,” but not just fair to you.

It’s bad enough that teams with stud players sometimes hit a glitch when it most counts. See Aaron Rogers and his dismal performance last week.

The sad fact is, you have to dance with who brung ya. If Rogers got you to the edge of success, you have to hope he finds a way to lead you to the Promised Land of Fantasy Football supremacy.

If he fails, you fail and all you have left is the good feeling that you gave it your best.

Same goes for the bottom feeders. Don’t let any team walk to a title.

Be that bump in their title road.

They may get over it, but at least they knew it wasn’t easy.

And if you see Al Czervik, tell him to get lost.