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First Posted: 8/25/2014

I would be lying if I said I did not stand out on my college campus. In a sea of sweatpants I was almost always the only person whose pants had a zipper. While I will not be attending class for the first time in 18 years something tells me that college students will still be gravitating toward their stretchy pants – but this year I have some tips for them to make their ensembles just a bit more stylish.

One of the biggest inspirations for designers this season is ballet. Embrace this. Ballerina style is one of the easiest to mimic and it utilizes the same thing co-eds are already wearing – leggings. The difference is that instead of shapeless, unisex hoodies, ballerina’s throw on an oversized sweater or a much more flattering wrap sweater over a long layering tank.

I would recommend thinking in neutrals that can be mixed and matched with each other. I know you all already own leggings in black, grey, brown and probably tan. This means all you need is several cozy knits in the same neutrals.

If you are looking to dress up your leggings / wrap sweater outfit then grab a fit-and-flare swishy skirt. It can literally be worn over said leggings and will look adorable.

If for some reason you are against ballet then I suggest you think in terms of “the pop”.

This can have various interpretations, but the easiest is by putting on a basic outfit and adding one pop, which can be great boots, a hat, a huge necklace or a great bag. This shows the world that you put some level of thought into what you are wearing.

College co-eds shouldn’t stop with their outfits. A problem that plagues female students is a lack of time to do their hair. I understand that you are rushing from class to class or more frequently from bed to class but I see no reason why you cannot get your hair into a somewhat put together style. Again, I reference ballet and suggest a bun. Whether it be a simple sock bun, a twisted and clipped bun or a ponytail that you invert and roll into a bun – it just look so much nicer then a ponytail.

Remember, many studies have shown that if you dress in a more respectable manner that others and yourself will take you more seriously. It never hurts to be a girl who looks good and is taken seriously.

Morgan Harding is a recent graduate of Misericordia University where she studied communications. For the past four years she has been the blogger behind fashion site Cashmere & Cowboy Boots as well as a brand ambassador for several New York based brands. Her fashion column “Beyond Thread” appears weekly in “The Times Leader”. She can be reached at