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First Posted: 10/6/2014

When Nicki Minaj hit it big following the release of her 2010 album “Pink Friday”, there were no fierce female rappers in mainstream music to compete with. Australian-import Iggy Azalea showed the world she has been work-work-workin’ on her shit when she dropped her debut album “The New Classic” earlier this year — featuring hits like “Fancy” and “Black Widow”.

Rumors of a beef between the two have been swirling social media ever since Minaj’s passive-aggressive BET Awards speech in June sounded as if it may have been a stab at Azalea, who is rumored to have many ghostwriters on her album.

Weekender hit college campuses to ask students in NEPA if they support Team Nicki or Team Iggy.

Yardley Phillips, Hunlock Creek

“Neither. I’m a country girl and only listen to country music.”

Keshena Benbow, Philadelphia

“Team Nicki. I like her style and the changes she has made. She’s showing her softer side. She’s out there, but not as out there as she used to be.”

Karriem Barber, Patterson, New Jersey

“I like Iggy Azalea better. She is a better person morally. Nicki Minaj is just messed up in the head.”

Kellie Kopko, Wilkes-Barre

“Nicki Minaj. She is just bad ass.”

Pat O’Boyle, Mountain Top

“Iggy Azalea. I think Nicki is a little weird and Iggy is just hot.”

Kristina Atienza, Queens, New York

“Nicki Minaj. She’s just got the queen booty. It used to be fair game between Iggy and Nicki, but ‘Anaconda’ was the final blow. Iggy needs to step up her game if she wants to have the queen booty. Nicki for the win.”

Richard Bartumioli, Long Island, New York

“Nicki Minaj. Enough said.”

Andrew Fisher, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“Iggy. She’s Australian and has a sexy accent.”