Motorhead: 1966 Ambassador Diplomat

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First Posted: 12/15/2014

“I like that today, most people don’t even know what an Ambassador car is,” Thorpe said. “But back in its day, from 1958 until 1974, the Ambassador was the top of the line car produced by AMC, the American Motors Corporation.”

“As a matter of fact, at the time it was discontinued, it was the longest continuously used name for a car in automotive history, it had been used since 1927.”

“I still have the sticker from when the car was new and it was priced at under $3,000. The Diplomat was the luxury version of the Ambassador because it included special body trim, bucket seats, and a 287 cubic inch eight cylinder engine. I take it out and have people look at it, because you just don’t see too many of them nowadays.”