Test Kitchen: Trick or Treats

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First Posted: 10/6/2014

This skeleton is sure to trick guests into eating healthy treats at your next Halloween party.

It’s a simple and healthy add to any Halloween party spread out there. All you need are carrots, celery, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers and a favorite dip. (You can alter vegetables based on personal taste and own creativity)

First, wash and clean all the veggies. Cut celery, carrots and peppers into sticks, cucumbers into rounds. The size of the sticks will depend on how big you want the bony veg head to be.

Slice the cauliflower, which will be used for the body. into bite sized pieces. It helps to have a flat side, but is not necessary.

I based the size of my skeleton on the size of the bowl, or head, I used.

Assemble the torso first. Lay out cauliflower in a squareish shape. Layer the sliced cucumbers down the center to create a spine. The cucumbers will also be the neck so place some of the circles above the cauliflower torso.

Next, lay the sliced peppers horizontally on top of the cauliflower next to the cucumbers so they resemble ribs.

Create the legs by using the sliced carrots an celery. Depending on how tall you want your centerpiece to be, make two or three sections of crunchy bones. Double up so that he’s strong and so there’s plenty of healthy snacks for everyone.

Use some cherry tomatoes to form feet. Peppers could also work for this step.

For the shoulders and the arms, use the same concept for the legs. Cut the celery and carrots into sticks and place the longer ones horizontal, next to the cucumbers. This will form what looks like shoulders. Then place more veggie sticks next to the shoulders, parallel to the torso, so that the skeleton appears to have arm bones. Finish off the hands with some more cherry tomatoes.

The face is where you can have a little fun with decorating. I used hummus for the dip, tomatoes for the smile, a piece of pepper for the nose and cucumber moons for the eyes.

The hair was the result of a few experiments. Try pieces of celery or carrots for a spiky-do. I tried the lettuce and instantly loved the ‘shaggy skeleton’ look. The lettuce wasn’t the first veggie to be snacked on though.

This veg-head is guaranteed to get your party guests talking or maybe even get some picky eaters out there to load up on some nutritious food before a night of trick-or-treating.