SECURELY FASHIONED: Transition into spring

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First Posted: 3/17/2014

With the unpredictable weather and undeniable spring fever, it’s hard to choose what we should be wearing. The calendar says it’s spring, but the climate is still stuck in February. To take us through these weird weather days, we need some transitional pieces.

Transitional pieces are items that can be worn in between seasonal gaps. You can add layers to these pieces during colder weather, and some are waterproof or water-resistant, in case of April showers.

Denim jacket: The denim jacket has been around forever. Now just about every wash and style is available and on trend. On colder days, wear it over layers or a sweater, and when it finally warms up, it will look great over a summer dress.

Water-resistant boots: Wellies or rain boots come in different prints and colors, so you are not stuck with the big yellow ones anymore (looking like the girl on the salt package). These look adorable with skinny jeans or a skirt or dress. It’s time to trade in your ratty UGGs for some waterproof rain boots.

Scarves: A scarf can brighten up any outfit in an instant. It can also add a protective layer against a chilly breeze or cover your shoulders if the weather decides to change quickly. Check out YouTube for different ways to tie a scarf.

Transitional lenses: These prescription glasses will tint when it gets bright to protect your eyes from UVB and UVA rays. When you are indoors or it’s not particularly bright out, your lenses will be clear. For more information on the importance of sunglasses, read my previous installment of Securely Fashioned.

Oversized men’s dress shirt: Wear pastel colors for a spring vibe, pinstripe for a sexy vibe, and white is always a classic. Wear this under a sweater on cold days or unbutton a few buttons, tuck into jeans, and wear with lots of jewelry for a day-into-night look. Belt it and wear over leggings for a daytime look. Bonus points for adding a scarf!

Lightweight tapered trousers: My favorite material for this type of pant is satin. The light material is perfect for spring, and the cut is right on trend. If you are wider in the hips, look for pants without added zippers or pockets, as many have. This type of pant looks great with a medium heel.

Umbrella: Invest in one that won’t blow backwards and take you with it! Also be wary of cheaper ones in bright colors. I have witnessed a rain-soaked teal green umbrella turn a person’s outfit teal green from head to toe.

Hang in there guys! Great weather and outfits are right around the corner!