Local charity mustache for your help

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First Posted: 5/20/2014

Affix it to a stick, draw it on your finger, temporarily tattoo it somewhere on your body, stick it on with adhesive, or grow the real thing – no matter how you do it, the mustache has become a fashion accessory for the masses, and there’s no better way to celebrate the funky facial hair than by hitting up River Grille’s Fourth Annual Mustache Bash on May 22.

Four years ago, the River Grille was approached by a group of young men looking to throw a hilariously themed party, though for a good cause. Since then, the annual bash has been a smash, raising money for Make Life Count, an organization dedicated to the war on cancer.

“People really look forward to it,” said River Grille manager Kristina Klokus. “It feels like a packed Friday or Saturday night, despite the fact that it’s on Thursday. We start the weekend with a bang.”

The bash will run from 5 p.m. until the 2 a.m. closure of the bar, and there are plenty of chances to win big throughout the night, perfectly maintained facial hair or not.

Several prizes are donated from local businesses that are up for raffle, and many games will be played. Of course, there are also prizes given out for the best ‘stache.

“I saw a guy one year who shaved each mustache style into his head,” Klokus, who has worked the party every year, said. “That was pretty funny. It was like a mohawk of mustaches, right down his head.

“If you come, you’ll actually see every mustache you could possibly see on one of those mustache definition charts.”

And the festivities are certainly not limited to the men – the ladies love to get involved, too.

“People walk around in fake mustaches all night,” Klokus said. “We’ve also got lots of mustache-themed jewelry, sunglasses, t-shirts, mustaches on a stick – all kinds of stuff.”

Entertainment for the night will be provided by DJ Ooh Wee, DJ Hersh, Ben Engle, and Paulsko.