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First Posted: 9/4/2014

Pennsylvania! Land of the Liberty Bell, the Pittsburgh Steelers and… beer?

That’s right! BEER!

Apparently, pretty damn good beer at that. A recent poll by suggested the Keystone state to be among the top ten states for great beer and craft breweries. Oregon out ranked everyone earning the No. 1 spot and if you ever visit Mississippi, well, don’t go for its beer. It came in dead last on the list. Pennsylvania stood strong at No. 8.

Weekender hit the streets to ask locals what their favorite Pennsylvania-brewed beer is.

Cody Logan, Towanda

“Oh my God, Yuengling for day’s man. It’s a Pennsylvania beer and I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. That’s what my dad drank. It was always in the fridge. When I was old enough to have a beer it was the first kind I wanted to try because that’s what my dad drank.”

Andrew Ruth, Slatington

“Yuengling. That was the first beer I ever shared with my dad.”

Britton Heim, Dornsife

“Old Forge Endless Summer Ale because it has a full taste but is not too hoppy.”

Jordan Oakill, Pottsville

“Yuengling, because it’s brewed in my hometown.”

Shawna Protchko, Hazleton

“Yuengling. It has a great, rich taste.”

Jenna Adorno, Albrightsville

“Anything a guy will give me for free.”

Chris Theodoru, Long Island, New York

“Lionshead. It is really affordable and is a mixture of dark and light beer.”

Anne Catalano, Scranton

“I had a hangover in college from beer and never had one beer since. Now I drink wine.”