Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob

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First Posted: 8/18/2014

This fall makeup lovers will be thrilled to find out that just because the fun in the sun in gone doesn’t mean all the color should be removed from the world. In fact they took all the color and added metallic high shimmer finishes to everything.

Makeup powerhouses like Makeup Forever and Urban Decay and Stila have taken everything from a neutral champagne shadow to a neon orange and added a metallic finish vibrant enough to make anyone’s eyes pop.

The perk of a metallic shadow is the natural multidimensional finish it creates on your eye with just a sweep.

How to wear these metallics:

These metallic shadows are intense on their own and therefore essentially do all the work for you. All you need to do is apply the shadow all over your lid from the lash line to just slightly into and above your crease. This will make any light that hits your eye bounce off the lid creating highlights on the ball of your eye and shadows around the crease giving you the illusion of wearing multiple shadows. Continue the same color (or another color, for fun) along the lower lash line to complete the look. And of course finish the look with extra mascara and a super gloss.