Quirky qualities

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First Posted: 11/3/2014

Dare2BeBare Body Shop is a beauty salon where normal isn’t in the vocabulary of those who work or patronize the business. They pride themselves on going against the grain and have done it for nearly a year.

The ladies at the salon in Old Forge know how hard it is to make it as a small, local business so they promote all things local. This love for NEPA and the beauty world got owner Faye Headley and store manager Yvonne Lynelle brainstorming. Their ideas spawned a Zombie-Pin-Up themed photo shoot using local artists, models, photographers and locations.

The desire to support local businesses and artists led to the creation of the “Body Shop Girls.” Headley said she wants to have a collection of models who go to events, concerts or local bars and help advertise the shop as well as the event they are working. She wants to support the area’s local music scene and is still looking for girls for future events and photo shoots.

“We want to use the models for promotion not just for us but for other local businesses as well,” Headley said.

The salon did the models hair and local makeup artists Samantha Guyette and Mikki St. Pierre made them up to look like the living-dead. David Gaiardo, a photographer in Wilkes-Barre, took the photos.

“We all wanted to promote each other and have fun while doing it,” Headley said. “It is hard to find people who want to work as a team and that is how we want to market ourselves. We want to work together for concerts, other modeling shoots, bridal shows, whatever people want.”

The shoot took place on Nov. 9 and showcased that Dare2BeBare can recreate hairstyles from any decade, that St. Pierre and Guyette can throw in some special effects to their makeup art. The photos by Gaiardo can be viewed on the salon’s website and Facebook and on his social media.

“It was such a great project,” St. Pierre said. “I have been doing makeup for the past ten years and this whole shoot will show what these artists are capable of doing. I can’t wait to work with the Body Shop Girls again.”

The shoot consisted of six models, three hair stylists, two makeup artists and one photographer. All with the hope of making one advertising brand. Gaiardo is thrilled NEPA will get to see the other side of hair and make-up as well as photography. “It was such an eclectic shoot,” he said. “It was fun to show that these businesses can be anything and everything. Nothing should stop you.”

“I am excited for them,” Krista Healey, a customer at Dare2BeBare and a Body Shop Girl, said. “Yvonne has been doing my hair for years and for their talent to be in the spotlight and that I get to be a part of it is wonderful. Everything with them is fun!”

The shop is selling Penguins hockey tickets to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network through the Jeffy Guyette Memorial Fund. This fund is for Headley’s son, Guyette, who died from a brain tumor. If they sell 300 tickets to the game, then a child from the network gets to drop a puck on the ice. The Body Shop Girls will be at that game on Jan. 9.

They aren’t trying to be just another beauty salon. They want to be everything for their customers and reaction says they are on their way.

“I won’t let anyone but Yvonne touch my hair,” Amie McMunis, customer at Dare2BeBare and a Body Shop Girl, said. “So modeling for them was a no-brainer.”

Dare2BeBare is proud of the client list it has accumulated. Clients followed Headley from her previous jobs and although Lynelle worked in salons that did not allow her to take her client list; her dedication of going above and beyond has kept a head in her chair.

“We can do what others can’t,” Lynelle said. “We also do what others won’t.”

When they say they do everything; they mean it. It is a true unisex salon that offers Brazilian waxing for all.

A Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair the bikini zone region of women — and men.

The nearest salon that offers male Brazilian waxing is in Allentown, Headley said.

“We do everything,” Headley, the owner of Dare 2 Be Bare, said. “From skin, nails, hair, waxing. You name it, we can do it.”

As the only one who waxes their male clients, Headley said most men think of waxing as the scene with Steve Carell from “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

“The Brazil waxing for men can make people uncomfortable,” Headley said. “We cater toward men and women and the waxing techniques are different. Waxing for men is more mental but I always tell them if they can get a tattoo then they can go through the waxing.”

Headley said she was tired of working for other people and being told what to do. She was ready to help NEPA think outside of the salon box.

“We don’t do what every other salon is doing,” Headley said. “This could be the reason we have made it a year in this market.”

Headley brought in Lynelle to be the store’s manager because, like Headley, she takes the path less travelled, especially when it comes to hairstyles.

“I use a lot of color,” Lynelle said. “A customer can come in, give me a picture of hair looking like it is on fire and that is exactly what they will get.”

Lynelle can do color graffiti, colored extensions and stenciled hair. She is able to put the color or graffiti on the extensions. Lynelle is very confident in her hair coloring and is a certified Master Hair Colorist by Pravana. Pravana is a global salon professional hair care brand.

“I specialize in doing colors that aren’t your everyday browns and blondes,” Lynelle said. “The neons, vivids and pastels are why my customers stay with me. I can do those colors without the colors bleeding and making sure they stay in the hair properly.”

Lynelle practices on herself to perfect her craft and is a walking advertisement when she colors her hair. She said if she couldn’t do it to herself then she wouldn’t do it to others.

Dare2BeBare also offers customers a Brazilian Blowout. This process is a smoothing system for the hair. It helps with regrowth, repairs the hair and cuts drying time in half. The blowout also locks in color. Dare2BeBare continues to further their education for the process and are advocates for continuous learning.

“Every time we go to a class, we learn something new,” Headley said. “Techniques are always changing and there is always more we can learn.”

The salon is dedicated to its clients, not only in knowing the latest techniques and trends, but in keeping their wallets full. They want everyone to be able to afford their services so they try to keep their prices reasonable.

“When I first opened the doors I knew what I wanted to achieve,” Headley said. “I wanted to keep the prices within Walmart range but keep the quality. We want to cater to everyone not just people who can afford it. We also only use products that are cruelty free.”

Dare2BeBare didn’t want to be another salon or hair studio. They wanted to be a complete “body shop,” everything from the head to the toes. They just want to get the word out there about who they are. They said they know their work will speak for itself. “When Krista (Healey) goes to work with bright purple hair, people are going to notice and ask who did it,” Lynelle said. “Our greatest advertisement is our work.”

Dare2BeBare is located at 120 Main St., Old Forge and is always ready for new customers.