Quirky and hard to shop for people

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First Posted: 11/20/2014

There’s always that one quirky friend for whom you can never find the perfect gift. Try thinking outside the box with these simple ideas for any budget.

Fill a wallet with gift cards. Hey, don’t diss the gift cards. Nobody knows better what that hard-to-shop-for person on your list wants for Christmas than that person his-or-herself. True, a gift card can scream, “I didn’t know what to get you, so I gave up and settled for this,” but it doesn’t have to. And it doesn’t have to be boring and void of personal touch. Instead of buying a $100 Visa gift card, go to a department store and pick out a nice but inexpensive wallet (You can find some stylish designs at Target for around $15-$20), then buy an assortment of gift cards valued at $5-$40 each, depending on your budget, and slip them in to the card slots in the wallet.

Help them find their keys. It happens to the best of us, including your quirky friends. They’re on the way out the door, should have left five minutes ago and both sets of keys are missing. Did the dog eat them? Did they slip between the couch cushions? Are they buried in a mound of dirty laundry? With the Sharper Image portable electronic key finder and its distinct alarm sound, they will now be able to find their keys within a 45-foot range. Available in store at Target for $19.99 or online at jcpenney.com for $23.99.

Go for practical and fun. Oftentimes those “quirky” people are practical people, yet with a fun side. There is a massive assortment of gifts that fit this description online at uncommongoods.com, such as this clever cheese & crackers serving board, priced at $48.

The perfect gift for the person with a cause. Does your hard-to-shop-for person have a passion for a cause? Show him or her you care by investing in what matters most to them, and donate to that cause on his or her behalf. Is your friend passionate about conservation? Send a donation to a local or national conservation group, such as North Branch Land Trust or the National Audubon Society. Does he or she volunteer time for cancer awareness and fundraising events? Write out a check to Candy’s Place or the American Cancer Society. Do they have a child or grandchild with an intellectual or physical disability? Find out if there is a particular non-profit group that made a difference in that child’s life, and send your gift there.

Gambler’s Box

The Gamble Box is a pocket sized device to help gamblers quit while they’re ahead. Simply slide some folded cash winnings into the secure slot on the top of the box this way you cannot get to the cash winnings to play back until you unlock it with the keys you left home. The Gamble Box is small and made from break in proof forged stainless steel with a black powder coated finish. Each Gamble Box comes with two keys and a soft red velvet bag to store.


Perfect for the person on your list who loves to travel. The slipper-like foot wear is made from a water-resistent material. They are stylish and convenient making them the perfect footwear to slip in your suitcase, pocketbook, car glove compartment. They are stretchy and slip-resistent, light weight and warm.

Give ‘em some vape

Whether it’s a fad or a habbit, those vaporizers are always in need of some “juice.” Cosmis Fog e-juices come in a variety of flavors including Cola Gummy, Milk and Honey and Kryptonite. Headdies Pipe & Vape Shop in Dickson City carry .15 ml bottles for $13.99, .30 ml bottle for $24.99