Pitbull tells it like it is

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First Posted: 11/25/2014

If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a conversation with Pitbull, you know that the hip-hop artist is great with words both in and out of the studio. I interviewed “Mr. Worldwide” twice over a three month period in 2009. He said talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has “no hair on her tongue” (an old Spanish expression to say she speaks what she feels).

Pit dropped other memorable one-liners over those interviews – “every action has a reaction” when speaking of an incident with a fan at a May 2009 show. Then there was, “He knows how to make hit records, not stumble over them,” when talking about then-supporting act David Rush.

After a rehearsal for his gig as host of last weekend’s “American Music Awards,” Pitbull was in top shape. Pressure to top the job he did last year?

“I can’t lie to you and say I don’t get nervous; I think everybody gets nervous,” he told me. “But what they say about pressure is, ‘Pressure either busts pipes or pressure makes diamonds.’”

The “Fireball” emcee said the crowd’s energy would eradicate any nerves – perhaps similar to how he feels when he performs a concert.

“Other than Sofia Vergara naked,” he continued – “because that takes the nervousness away!”

Speaking of performing, Pitbull pulled double-duty and performed a medley of hits at the star-studded telecast Sunday night, including his new single “Time Of Our Lives” that features Ne-Yo. The last meeting between those two on a track yielded Pitbull’s first number one hit, “Give Me Everything,” in the States.

After the song topped the charts, the two had a conversation one day.

“’Let me ask you a question,’” the artist recalled.”’With all the writing you do Ne-Yo, do you remember writing this record?’”

The songwriter admitted he didn’t and Pit got a laugh out of it. He just hopes that lightening strikes twice, but summed up his expectations with yet another one-liner.

“If you look for a record, it hides. If you chase a hit record, it runs.”

Pitbull’s solution is to continue what he has been doing his entire career – simply having fun.