WHO IS: Rich Perry

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First Posted: 6/13/2014

Rich Perry can flip from one end of the spectrum to the other with ease, riling a crowd up from the stage solely via microphone while doing his duty as an MC, and then taking it down to a notch of almost pure stillness while teaching a meditation class at a local yoga studio – and doing it all with a smile on his face.

Perry, 32, from White Haven, is a face you may recognize if you have ever been to the annual Memorial Day weekend music fest MayDay in Kirby Park, have seen a local crew of artists who call themselves Sector One, or have attended meditation class at Lotus Pug Yoga Studio in Wilkes-Barre. Add to that the fact that he also runs his own coaching business and it’s apparent that Perry probably doesn’t get much sleep, though you’d never tell due to the constant buzz of high energy that surrounds him.

Perry began his foray into the life of an MC in high school through writing music, and he began recording in college.

“I love creating music,” he said, “putting my thoughts to paper, recording, and then listening to the final product. Plus performing the music for others is a natural high. I like entertaining and inspiring others.”

He currently performs throughout the area with other Sector One artists, has already begun working with his usual crew to plan the next MayDay (which supports local military members), and is working on his next album.

The Path of Me is a business in which Perry serves as a life coach, meditation coach, and motivational speaker. He’s a Board Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a practitioner of Time Line Therapy, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and in July, he will train in Las Vegas for Master Practitioner certifications.

“My goal is to help people make positive life changes and create excellence in their lives,” he said.

That’s what Perry strives to do in every facet of his days and, through allowing himself to create varying avenues of both work and play, he’s ensured it’s something that truly happens.

“I like to have fun, enjoy each day, and I like to make a difference. I just want to live life to the fullest and spend my time with awesome people.”

He’s a runner who just got into yoga, a wine lover who lays a claim on making awesome hummus, and among his artful tattoos are some dedicated to “Star Wars,” hinting at the fact that maybe, just maybe, Perry gets through his busy schedule because he could just be a Jedi.

The future is bright in Perry’s eyes, and his five-year plan is a solid one.

“In five years… I’d love to say I’ll be practicing my sweet hoverboard skills, but I think Dr. Emmett Brown got that wrong,” he joked, “so I’ll just be traveling and running a successful business, living the exact life that I want.”