Nail’d it!

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First Posted: 9/26/2014

“Nail’d It,” a new reality show on Oxygen Media launched its premier on Oct. 7. The new competition show takes 18 nail artists and makes them compete for a grand prize of $100,000. Competitors will face-off, creating the most unique, over-the-top nail art creations.

But if you’d rather get your own nails did, rather than watch others, there are numerous salons around NEPA including Spa Sapphire in the Mohegan Sun Casino, where you can get a unique, 3D, embellished look on the tips of your fingers.

What’s it?

Stiletto Nails or Claws: The nail tip is strongly pointed and they make a women’s hand look more delicate due to the length and design of the nail.

According to nail technician, Breanna Robak, at Spa Sapphire, when it comes to nail art, anything goes.

“It used to be that you just had on accent nail but now a days you can put a different color on every nail,” she said. “Just make sure you are picking complimentary colors.”

“Polka dots are the easiest thing to do,” Robak stated. “Just pick opposite colors, one dark, one light. You can buy a ‘dotter’ at a beauty store or use the end of a smaller paintbrush.” Try Halloween colors such as black and orange or black and green.

Colors for the upcoming season are army green, deep purples, chocolates, nudes and browns. It is recommended to go dark for the fall and winter, but you can use a pop of color if you missing the sunshine!

“People try to do their own nails and stop because they don’t think it looks good or like the picture they were trying to emulate,” Robak said. “Everyone starts somewhere, so keep on trying. Or, if you really just want someone else to do it, come to me.”

Household items used for some fancy nails:

• Small paintbrush

• Toothpicks

• Q-tips

• If you forgot to take the polish off your toes and have just painted your nails, grab a tampon. Keep the tampon in the applicator and dip the tip in polish remover. You can get the polish off without messing your freshly painted fingers.