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First Posted: 11/11/2014

Last month there were two eclipses and Mercury, the planet of communication, went backwards. Talk about chaos and confusion. Here’s hoping November will be calmer and hair tamer.

I began to study astrology in the sixties, the “Age of Aquarius,” so I let the sun shine in and charted my own stars and the stars of just about everyone who came into Star Tresses in the late seventies. We had a ball with it, so I decided it’s time to do it again.

Aries: Forget shaving off the left side of your hair and keeping the right side long. Aim for balance. Tell your stylist this, and shush your mouth.

Taurus: Boring, boring. I know change upsets you, but longer bangs, some highlights, and a curling wand will shake your world for the better.

Gemini: Make up your mind, darling. It’s not that you can’t split your hair style in four different sections, but you can do this with hair color and not look like a, well, you know… Ask your stylist for an ombre, dark to light. You’ll look trendy and sexy.

Cancer: Pearlize your hair with a semi-permanent drench, then settle in with a glass of wine, and lean on big hunky shoulders. P.S. Have a professional do the pearlizing.

Leo: Blonde and golden highlights with plenty of layers makes “Bongo” the latest hairstyle. As always, you’ll be first sweetie.

Virgo: Since you are such a perfectionist, try using a paste to coat those little hairs that become visible under lights. Keep your hair conditioned and trimmed regularly.

Libra: Beautiful, beautiful. Your life might be upside down, but keep the symmetry (appearance-wise anyway). Try a layered bob. It’s new, trendy, and you can make it look provocative when you’re in the mood.

Scorpio: What can I say? The light is at the end of the tunnel, December 28 to be exact, after these past two and a half years of hell. Schedule an appointment for a makeover, and definitely ask for a spa day gift certificate for the holidays.

Sagittarius: Right now you have the urge to cut it all off. Count to 10 slowly and then schedule a hair appointment. Don’t you dare pick up the scissor!

Capricorn: Level headed, conservative or so you’re supposed to be. Pluto and Uranus are transforming you big time. Tell your designer to drag the scissor, fringe the sides, and ask for peek-a-boo bangs. Delicious.

Aquarius: Things are good. Thank your mighty stars. It’s time for the retro sixties bump (height at the crown). There are plenty of ways to achieve this look. Someone will share his or her secret with you.

Pisces: Neptune, your ruling planet reins over liquids, so if you can’t walk the beach, particularly from the 16 on, create the look. Beach waves, a messy bun, a couple of layers of mascara and lip-gloss. Yeaaa.

May your lucky star shine on you.