Beyond your limits

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First Posted: 4/10/2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

We all find excuses not to do something that we want to, need to, or should do. Let’s be frank – it’s just too easy sometimes. For example, sometimes I prioritize a response to a text message as an excuse to not lift the toilet seat when I pee, almost always resulting in a few drops landing where it shouldn’t, like the toilet seat, the floor, or my leg. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

While a little spilled urine never hurt anybody, the true damage with excuses overriding action comes when people find rationalizations for not following through with their dreams. When you think about it, we’ll always be short of resources to get something that we don’t have but wish to. That’s why being resourceful is considered a skill.

For the past three years, I had an idea for a talk show that would be similar to “The View,” featuring younger voices that aren’t normally heard. There is nothing on television like that, and I knew it would empower my generation. No local TV station wanted to reach out to our generation, and no production team that I met with knew how to address us successfully. I knew the only way to get this show to fruition was to produce it myself.

However, I had nowhere to host it. I live at my parent’s house. I had no way to fund it. I had just lost my job. I had no idea how to get started.

Then I saw a high school senior from the area on television named Stephanie Jallen. She had one arm, one leg, and earned a bronze medal at the Paralympics in Russia for alpine skiing. My mind was blown trying to figure out how she could achieve something so phenomenal with challenges limiting her resources.

As I started following Jallen, I realized she started where she was, she used what she had available to her, and she did what she could do. Her limitless mindset brought her further than most people probably imagined she ever would go.

Her victory inspired me to see beyond my limits and see what I had around me.

I remembered The Mall at Steamtown had one of the nicest stages in a public place, so I asked them to use it. I remembered how hungry I was for firsthand experience as a college student studying video production, so I assembled a team of students to film the show. As I began utilizing what was around me, everything started falling into place.

Three months later, I have a week-long premiere scheduled on the center stage at The Mall at Steamtown from Monday, May 5 through Friday, May 9 at 7 p.m. My idea with limited resources evolved from a pipe dream to a reality set to debut with nearly 75 members of today’s generation ready to show the world what we’re made of.

From the University of Scranton’s hip-hop dance crew to the cast of Mid Valley’s Drama Club production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” to a group of bartenders dishing out etiquette on how to treat your server to a group of bikini models showing off summer fashion to a hip-hop band to solo rap artists, “The Millennials” wouldn’t be coming together if I didn’t see beyond my limits. That’s why it is only fitting that my first guest will be Stephanie Jallen, the one who showed me how great the outcome can be when we see beyond those limits. I look forward to carrying that torch of wisdom.

Love and Tater Tots,