MAKEUP RULES: Feature! Feature!

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First Posted: 3/10/2014

Stand out from the crowd! If you consistently receive comments on how beautiful your eyes are, then you’re doing something right. For those of you fishing for a great compliment or two, follow these easy steps to transform your “Everyday Average” into a “Feature! Feature!”

Give your eyes the attention they deserve, and fill your brows in to create more structure to your eyes. Use a complimentary color eye shadow to enhance your natural eye color (for example, copper for blue eyes, purple for green eyes). You can also enhance your eye color by using “like” colors to create an all-around color scheme to really announce your arrival (for example, olive for green eyes, gray for gray eyes). You can also get the same effect with colored mascara. Continue making your eyes center stage by adding a small piece of a false eyelash strip to the outer corner of your eye to help reshape it and add more lashes.

Not a fan of your nose? Need to slim it down a bit? Take a soft matte light brown eye shadow or bronzer and dust a little bit along the sides of your nose, down the bridge. This will give you the slender nose you would have otherwise paid a fortune for. Add that cute button tip by dusting a small amount of the shadow/bronzer across the bridge of your nose, about one finger space from the tip.

Uncomfortably large forehead? Redirect the attention away from your forehead with a little bronzer contouring. Place some bronzer along your hairline to darken the top and a little more bronzer at your temples. This will create depth, dimension, and roundness, giving the illusion of a smaller forehead.

Have the perfect pout? Make those lips even more unforgettably plump with a little lip plumper. Create more fullness by applying iridescent shadow to your Cupid’s bow along the top lip. Allow your lip gloss to hit above your top lip as well to create the same type of fullness.

You can also pronounce your profile and sharpen up your jawline with bronzer. Apply a matte bronzer under your chin and make sure to follow right under your jawline, extending it past your ear and up slightly.

Have pearly whites? In the instance that your answer is “no,” I suggest white strips. Utilizing any whitening product to brighten your teeth will distract from any flaws your teeth may have. Don’t have the money to invest in all of the high-tech whitening materials? Try adding baking soda to hydrogen peroxide to create a whitening paste powerhouse.

Tip: Touch up unsightly gray roots with a little hairspray and a dab of similar colored eye shadow that matches your hair color. Spray roots with hairspray and brush shadow onto the primed area. This is great for an unannounced night out.

Trick: If you already have cheekbones to die for, apply a soft sheer champagne shadow along the tops to really make them shine and pop.