Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob

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First Posted: 10/30/2014

To continue in the tradition of all makeup gurus, here is an installment of the classic “What’s in my bag”.

Currently I am using an AVEDA tote bag I received from Earth month 2012, this compartment-less bag is piled to the brim with paperwork, phone chargers and allergy medicine. Along with the junk that’s in my bag I have an abundance of makeup and skin care items. Being a makeup guru you are afforded the opportunity to receive a multitude of samples and full sizes of current and up an coming products.

Although I recommend new favorites regularly I tend to stick with a select few ultimate favorites that I carry along with me. These staple products are low cost and very effective, so I won’t be extremely upset if one or more items go missing.

Item #1: Almay clear complexion concealer, color: light. This is the perfect blemish treatment since it heals and conceals with the soft blendable oil free formula, $6.69 at Target.

Item #2: AVEDA petel essence single eye color in Earthen (this item is no longer available.) This shadow is now included in and can be purchased as part of AVEDA petel essence eye color trio. Earthen is my favorite color to use to fill in my eyebrows, $27.00 I use this along with my dual ended brow and lash brush from AVEDA, which is included as part of the Flax sticks daily effects brush set $65.00

Item #3: Chapstick limited edition pumpkin pie flavor. This new edition to the Chapstick seasonal flavors is, as they put it, “A guilt free way to enjoy a fall favorite” $3.85 CVS.

Item #4: Ultraluxe eye lift complex. This smoothing, hydrating, firming, anti-aging eye cream lifts your eyes with their exclusive MicroVenom formula featuring a synthetic syn-nake venom derived from apple stem cells. $82.00, I would never keep this type of expensive item in my bag, but I do have a sample size in a tiny jar.

Item #5: EOS evolution of smooth hand cream in cucumber. This hand cream has that signature EOS velvety smooth texture which absorbs fast into the skin, smells amazing and is non greasy. This hand cream is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, paraben-free and organic.