Glam it up zombie style

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First Posted: 10/3/2014

Does your boyfriend want to dress up like the next hero of the zombie Apocalypse, but you’re not feeling like donning lots of fake blood and guts?

No problem, glam it up zombie style and call yourself a “glambie,” a term coined by Gunnar Hanson, the original Leatherface, to describe me and my friend’s costumes during the Infect Scranton pub crawl held in September.

Salvation Army or Goodwill will offer you plenty of options, but we splurged for $5 matching T-shirts from Five Below in Dickson City. Our pink “Last Night was Epic” shirts, fake eyelashes, some jewels for the eyes, spray hair dye, crazy bracelets and glitter, lots and lots of glitter brought our bill to less than $20.

To assemble the costume, first make yourself a drink. Then take some scissors and cut up your shirt. We chose to go for an Eighties, off-the-shoulder style and fringe.

Makeup: Stick the jewels around your eyes, apply a light foundation, the whiter the better. Use black eyeliner for your dead-eye look. It also makes nice scars. Apply generously. Some red lipstick and dot of that eyeliner make nice face wounds. Glitter. Use it abundantly. Anywhere.

Hair: Hairspray, hair dye and some 80’s teasing. The best thing is the messier and crazier you look, the better glambie you are.