MAKEUP RULES: What the Muk?

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First Posted: 1/27/2014

When entering this unique, naughty, provocative, and ultra sexy Australian hair care website, you are greeted with a disclaimer prompting you to turn away if you can’t handle things that are politically incorrect or if you use other mainstream, boring brand products.

I was first turned on to this line when I saw the products as a whole and put two and two together, realizing the product names were intentionally vulgar. Shortly after that realization, I was presented with an additional sampling of products with collateral on the products, including ads which, again, were purposefully lewd and slightly misleading.

Utilizing ultra fine ingredients with extensive lab research, this line is not only vegan but also has never been tested on animals.

A taste of what some of the products names are like:

Kinky Muk – Curl amplifier

Filthy Muk – Firm hold styling paste

Hard Muk – Brutal hold styling mud

Raw Muk – Gloss finish styling mud

Rough Muk – Foaming styling cream

Intense Muk – Repairing line of products

Fat Muk – Volumiser line of products

Hot Muk – Thermal protector line of products

Deep Muk – Ultra softening full line of products

These products are extremely reasonable, with a price range from $15.50 to $27.50, and now with you can get Muk’ed online.

Muk also has a softer side with Spa Muk, a line created with argan oil that’s 100 percent sulfate free.

Tip: Go all the way with Muk and try its very own line of styling tools consisting of a Style Stick (multi-use flat iron) and Curl Stick (multi-attachment wand).

Trick: Visit the UK website,, for Muk’n good offers, including duo packs of your soon-to-be favorites!