Let’s get real: She wants boxers he wants briefs

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First Posted: 12/12/2014

Dear Melissa,

My girlfriend told me that I need to trade in my briefs for boxer shorts. She says it feels like she is sleeping with a little boy every time I remove my pants because they are outdated and “nobody wears those” anymore. It’s not like they have Spiderman on them. She told me only 9-year-old boys wear tighty-whities and they are a turn-off.

I have always worn fly-front briefs. I don’t like boxers because I find them uncomfortable. What can I do to fix this problem? She will not look at it from my perspective.

-Briefs for Life

My Briefly devoted friend,

We all have our preferences in what we like our mate to wear and what we find attractive, but ultimately you have to be who you are. If you have been honest with her about your feelings on the boxers verses briefs controversy then you need to be frank with her that it’s your choice for daily comfort. If she thinks she can dictate what kind of underwear you wear, what is next, telling you what toothpaste to use? Try spinning it to her in the sense that what if she wants to wear ballet flats, but you want her to wear 6 inch stripper heels? You have to wear them all day, you should be comfortable.

Yours in comfort,