MAN OF THE WEEK: Derek Jolley

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First Posted: 9/24/2014

Full name: Derek Jolley

Age: 19

Hometown: Larksville, PA

Favorite Weekender feature: “I love the quick chord segment because it gives a much deserved spot to those local bands/artists who are awesome too often underrated.”

Favorite bar/restaurant: “I’m not old enough to drink so I don’t hit up the bars unless somebody is playing. I do love Chuck’s Diner on Main Street in Luzerne. Best breakfast in the valley by far. I also dig Angelo’s Pizza but the best chicken wing pie is Bernardo’s on Zerby Ave in Edwardsville.”

What are you passionate about? “Music is my absolute passion and unconditional love. Growing up I used to worry that being a musician took me away from socializing and other high school activities, but in retrospect those kids who criticized me for my passions now come to the shows I book and are happy that I kept up my habits. It humbles me that I could take part in Wilkes-Barre’s local scene in this way.”

Who do you admire? I admire the local people who devote themselves to the Wilkes-Barre music scene, whether it be the musicians, bookers, photographers, or patrons. Although the list of local people I admire is quite long, my good friends Jeremy Romani and Frankie Polumbo initially come to mind. I grew going to Goodbye Soundscape shows at Metro which definitely got me started in loving the local scene. Although Soundscape is gone, those guys are still making music and playing shows all the time. Also, most of the shows I’ve been to over the past 7 years have been booked by my friend Matt Wren, who always seems to be able to make shows happen no matter what. These are perfect examples of why I book shows and play so often. I’m glad to be working with these guys and everybody here who gives a damn.”

What’s something most people don’t know about you? “I have a true love for history and spend a lot of my academic energy studying World War 1 and progressions in the modern age that relate back to it. I participate in contributing to scholarly online communities of historians that study the 20th century.”

Are you a dog person or a cat person? “I love animals in general but I don’t necessarily agree with their captivity. If I had to choose, I’d be a dog person because my dad has one and I think cats are just devil spawn.”

If you had to pick, would you want someone with beauty or brains? “A wise girl once told me that beauty is only skin deep. As a psychology student I have an avid respect for intelligence. So brain>beauty for sure.”

My last meal would be … “Anything with peanut butter. I’m allergic, ensuring that it would literally be my last meal.”

My theme song would be … “Working Class Hero by John Lennon”

My best concert was … “September 18th, 2010: Last show at Café Metropolis. I got to sing on stage with Goodbye Soundscape as an excitable 15 year old doof. The mood in that venue for the last few weeks I’ve never experienced since.”

For a good time I … “Book shows in my garage and invite everyone I know.”