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First Posted: 11/1/2014

Get ready to start seeing lots of hairy men.

It’s no-shave November; the time of year where men everywhere shave it all off on November first then let it grow back however the facial hair gods see fit.

Why do they do it?

To help raise awareness about cancer prevention.

According to the organization’s website, No Shave November is a “unique way to raise cancer awareness. The goal…is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.”

We’ve wrangled Justin Adam Brown, Weekender reporter, Jeric Foulds, digital and social editor for Weekender, Jon Forkin, Weekender’s Man of the Year and Joe Soprano and Travis Kellar from the Times Leader to shave off their facial hair (a few of them had to shave off a lot to get started).

We’ll post some more pictures as soon as it starts to get funny.

No-Shave November began in 2009 as a way for those affected by cancer, directly or indirectly, to give back and show their support. Founders Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl came up with the idea to donate all the money saved by not grooming, (razors, shaving cream, trips to the barber or salon etc.) to a cancer charity.

In 2013, No-Shave partnered with the American Cancer Society to help facilitate the distribution of raised funds to research, prevention, education and continuing care.

Are you taking part in No-Shave November? Send us your before picture and we’ll add your hairless mug to our team here at Weekender. Send us updates and of course the final product on Nov. 30.

Send pictures to Make sure to include your first and last name and where you live. Are you doing it for anyone special? Include that information so we can help carry on that person’s memory.

Happy no shaving.