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First Posted: 11/24/2014

Looking for a little something extra to add to the bedroom this holiday season? Check out some of these adult-only toys.

Lingerie When it comes to heating things up what’s better than a little sexy lingerie. Whether it’s silky and seductive, lacy and lusty or sequined and sensational, a little holiday lingerie is the perfect way to let your partner know that they are what you want. Into role play? A fun French maid outfit, school girl outfit or even a sexy version of your favorite super hero is sure to heat things up between the sheets. Don’t forget, a sexy Santa outfit will help deliver a big package. Guys you can also wrap a gift of your own for something fun for us ladies to enjoy unwrapping. Slap a bow on your big package, dress up is for everyone.

Vibrators They come in all shapes, sizes and have so many functions you won’t want to leave your bed all winter. The classic “Rabbit,” made popular by “Sex and the City” fans, comes equipped with multiple speed functions, a pulsating head and shaft, and little ears to stimulate your most sensitive lady parts. Other animal options with similar functions include a hummingbird, dolphin, butterfly and a dragonfly, with an extra wide wing span to tickle and reach every sensitive spot your lady parts need. Other vibrator options include ones made of glass for hot and cold sensory play, ones with anal stimulators for all over pleasure and even the tongue shaped lady tickler for oral pleasure without the need of a partner. You can find all of these products at any local Passion or Slumber party or by visiting your local Adult World or Adult Playtime Boutique.

Lubricating Creams Here’s a stocking stuffer that will tell your partner you are ready to take your holiday celebrations to bed? Lube comes in different forms and functions. There is silicone based lube which is water soluble and non-staining. Gel based lube is water based and odorless for discreet use and sensual warming lube which gives a warm and pleasing tingle upon contact. Lube also comes in many scents and flavors, from creamsicle, strawberry, vanilla and even bacon.

Extending creams Want to ring in the new year with a bang, but don’t want to start at 11:57 p.m. and hope you make it to midnight? Stay-hard creams are available to safely keep going and delay your big finish. There are also creams available for anal play. A bottle of anal ease helps numb your sensitive areas so you can explore new options and orifices pain free. The numbing benzocaine agent in the cream is also useful for a tooth ache or minor bruises. Anal ease is a multifunctional gift that keeps on giving.

Flesh lights and blow up dolls Know a guy who spends a lot of time alone? He can have himself a merry little Christmas with a new flesh light or blow up doll. These life-like mouth and vaginal replications come with suction chambers for increased stimulation and if paired with a great warming lube can be as good as the real thing. Why swipe right on your tinder when you know a flesh light will get the job done right every time?

Bondage With the “50 Shades of Grey” coming out soon, why not introduce you partner to a little fetish play with a whip or handcuffs. There are all sorts of options from leathers to feathers depending on how soft or hard you want to spank your mate. Maybe this is a great way to tell them that Santa has them on his naughty list this year.