Halloween, Beyond Fallen style

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First Posted: 10/13/2014

There’s something about metal music and Halloween – they’re two great tastes that go great together, much like the intermingling of a variety of sweets in a trick-or-treater’s sack.

NEPA music fans are invited to spend All Hallow’s Eve at Diane’s Deli in Pittston for a night of music, mayhem, and a costume contest. Heavy Halloween, hosted by local metal vets Beyond Fallen is shaping up to be a sinister good time.

“It’s going to be a great night,” said Beyond Fallen vocalist Joe Karavis. “We’ve done Halloween shows before and it’s always fun, with a good turnout.”

Karavis said he enjoys catching what other metal bands on the local scene are doing. This Halloween show will feature local acts Meatplow, Threatpoint, and Cause of Affliction – all bands with an infectious stage presence that know how to throw a party. Karavis said no matter how many times his band shares the bill with all of these other local metal luminaries, he always finds that they “offer something new and exciting.”

“I mostly look forward to sharing the stage with a bunch of other talented musicians,” said Beyond Fallen drummer John Jesuele. “Some from the immediate area, and others who travel hours to get exposure to a new crowd.”

Karavis is thrilled with the lineups for these types of shows that his band’s guitarist, Steve Jasuilewicz, has helped to solidify over the years.

“Steve’s really done a great job putting together good lineups of bands, and shows that are memorable for the fans,” Karavis said. “This show will be one to remember. There’s a lot of excitement about it.”

So what is it about Halloween and metal that go hand in hand?

“The visual thing is obviously a big part of it,” Karavis said. “Metal often flirts with the darker side of life, even from the fantasy perspective. Who doesn’t like a Halloween party? It’s a chance to pretend and get lost in the fantasy.”

Jesuele enjoys the horror movie/haunted house theme of the holiday. He likens celebrating Halloween to coming to terms with the reality of death – something that metal itself has endlessly explored since its inception.

“Metal also has that dark atmosphere, the same dissonant type chord voicings as horror movie scores,” he said. “There are the lyrical themes that talk about the reality of life around us and how it’s not all love songs and driving down the street to a party. Plus, the imagery is just over the top – just like Alice Cooper, GWAR, and Iron Maiden’s stages.”

“Jason “The Mayor Ov Metal” Burnett is always enthusiastic and a big part of local metal scene,” laughs Karavis. “Who knows what he’ll do – hopefully something crazy! The local metal scene has a few real characters, so it’s always fun.” This year, the costume contest will feature a cash prize, so Beyond Fallen fully expects attendees to pull out all the stops.

“I really want to see people actually try and do Halloween right,” Jesuele says. “I want latex prosthetics, gore… something that would make Tom Savini or Greg Nicotero grossed out. As far as the Mayor Ov Metal goes… he goes all out for every show.”

This Halloween show is capping a progressively forward-moving year in Beyond Fallen’s more than 10 years of existence. Notably, the band welcomed Greg Baczmarga as its lead guitarist – he’s “one of the area’s top shredders” according to Karavis.

As for Baczmarga, he’s just happy to be the “new guy.”

“I’m happy to finally be playing and writing new material especially since this is my first band,” he admits. “While I’m not as experienced as everyone else, I look forward to progressing as well as going back to the studio for the new album. I couldn’t imagine myself playing in another band.”

What does Karavis think will make this show a success?

“From the sound, to how the show is organized, to the bands on the bill, we pay attention to what’s most important, and that’s the fans,” he said.