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First Posted: 9/2/2014

The hype for the first ever Steamtown Music Awards is getting real. Artists nominated for Folk/American Act of the Year, Jam/Jazz Fusion Act of the Year and Tribute/Cover Act of the Year were asked to answer this question: “What impact do you think an award show honoring musical achievement in NEPA will have on the music scene?”

The Steamtown Music Awards will be held at the V Spot in Scranton on Friday, Oct. 12.

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Folk/American Act of the Year

Blinded Passenger:”We think this will be a much needed jolt of energy into the local original music scene.”

Coal Town Rounders: “We hope this award show will turn more people on to the groups playing in the area by getting more people out to the shows, festivals and concerts already happening and to encourage the growth of music, art and culture in NEPA.”

Condition Oakland: “This can boost interest in the local music scene.”

Harlot:”We hope this will allow bands to get closer and audiences to learn about new genres.”

Keep Coming Back: “Our hope is that we will bring an awareness to the community of how much local talent NEPA has to offer. Many bands go unnoticed and unheard because of lack of exposure. An award show like this is a fantastic opportunity for our local musicians to showcase what they have dedicated to much of their lives to creating.”

Jam/Jazz Fusion Act of the Year

Russello Project: “We should use the Steamtown Music Awards to come together and unite as artists and musicians for the sake of making our area grow more opportunities for musicians.”

MiZ: “The Steamtown Music Awards could really help raise the awareness of the amount of great ORIGINAL music that is being made and how many phenomenally talented musicians there are in NEPA.”

Suze: “It can have a very positive impact in terms of inspiring musicians to continue making music. This is a business where accolades, recognition and success can be scarce and even discouraging at times. These awards are a way for us to feel appreciated. It can also be a great way to learn about our peers and have a chance to appreciate them and root each other on.”

Rouge Chimp: “An award show that honors achievement in the local music scene would definitely be an extra incentive for musicians to be themselves, stay true to their music and express their individuality through the creativity of their music.”

George Wesley: “It’s always nice to give recognition for the work all the musicians put into their craft and the diversity that exists in this area. I think it helps remind everyone how solid the musicianship in NEPA is.

Tribute/Cover Act of the Year

Idol Kings: “We, the local musicians, are fully aware of what the local live music scene has to offer. The task at hand is getting the information out to the general public. We think the impact will be determined, just like the national award show, by how much media attention it recieves. It would be great to see a lot of attention around it because there is currently a plethora of great musicians here in our own backyard slugging to play at the limited amount of venues offering an acceptable live music atmosphere.”

Tom Petty Appreciation Band: “An award show honoring musical achievement in NEPA is a great thing and well warranted to honor the rich musical heritage that has always been so prevalent in our area. It needs to be recognized and celebrated more. I would love to see an NEPA arts hall of fame someday from this.”

M80: “As a six time winner of the Weekender’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Cover Band, it’s always nice being recognized for our efforts. It’s great to see smaller cities honoring their area’s musical talent. However I do not agree with the current system of mass daily voting for Nominees. I hope to see this event grow and learn as it could be something special for NEPA and it’s wide variety of musical entertainment.”

Mace in Dickson: “We hope it will continue to foster a sense of community and support between different bands in the music scene.”

Kock 107: “We don’t know how to answer this since we are partially a joke band.”