Local music scene honored at award show

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First Posted: 10/13/2014

The next time someone doubts that northeastern Pennsylvania is home to hardworking, talented people contributing to the community, tell them about the first ever Steamtown Music Awards. Held Friday, Oct. 10 inside The V Spot in Scranton, the award show paid tribute to the best musical acts in the region. Though only one nominee could take home an actual award in each of the 21 categories, nobody felt left out of the celebration.

“Being here is all that really matters,” said Black Tie Stereo, nominated for Top 40/Pop Act of the Year.

Weekender hosted the red carpet arrivals at the inaugural event, where the excitement was real and the local music scene was the topic of conversation.

“Scranton is a giant melting pot,” Best New Artist nominees Without A Martyr said.

Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year nominees Young At Heart couldn’t have agreed more.

“This area is building itself up more and more and it’s awesome to have it recognized in all different genres,” Young At Heart said.

One artist particularly surprised by their nomination was Dee jay and producer Ryan Kenton, who expressed on the red carpet that he felt validated for being recognized with a nomination in the category for Best New Artist.

“I’ve wanted to produce my own music, and I have been, but I wasn’t sure if it got noticed whatsoever. With this nomination it was really cool because then I could say ‘Hey, it’s getting noticed somewhat’,” Kenton said.

While most red carpets ask nominees who they are wearing, Weekender decided to switch it up a little bit since it was a rock and roll attire event inside a bar. Instead, the question of the night was ‘What do you plan on drinking tonight’? Most of the girls answered with a response that suggested whatever a dude will buy them, while the men mostly suggested they’d be double-fisting.

Inside the award ceremony, applause and screaming were pouring out of attendees as frequently as seasonal beers from the tap.

Also honored for their musical involvement was Weekender and Times Leader contributor Alan K. Stout, who received a special Lifetime Achievement Award.

“When it comes to local music, you don’t get more local than Alan Stout,” said event organizer Joe Caviston.

Among the people to speak on Stout’s behalf was former Weekender editor Mike Lello.

“I can count on one finger the amount of people who have done for local music what Alan Stout has done,” Lello said.

Stout recalled attending a concert in 1982 for a band called The Who while accepting his award.

“What I saw there that night changed my life. I saw the power, I saw the beauty, of rock and roll,” Stout said.

The Steamtown Music Awards helped NEPA see the beauty and the power of music and don’t plan on stopping the tradition.