A day in the life: Tyler Kolvenbach

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First Posted: 10/17/2014

Everybody has that one thing that brings them back to a special memory. A song on the radio. A certain smell. An old photograph. For Tyler Kolvenbach of Milford, it’s his tattoos.

“Every tattoo I have reminds me of where I was at in life when I got it, or the tattoo artist who did the piece. They’re all special, even if they don’t have a profound meaning,” Kolvenbach said.

The newest addition to the Art Rage Tattoo family in Scranton, Kolvenbach is so heavily inked that he has lost count of how many tattoos he actually has on his body. What he hasn’t lost, however, is the meaning behind each one.

“One of my favorite tattoos is my very first tattoo. It’s of a sacred heart with wings, anchors and a banner that says ‘Love You More’ for my grandmother who passed away when I was 15,” Kolvenbach shared.

Weekender recently followed Kolvenbach around for a day to find out what goes on in the life of a tattoo artist and what depth is underneath his decorated skin.