QUICK CHORD: Young At Heart, Empire Of The Sea, and Dads

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First Posted: 3/4/2014

Young at Heart
Scranton, Pa.
Sounds like: New Found Glory and Bayside.
Fun fact: While on tour, they broke down three times in three different states within the same week. The first time was 45 minutes after leaving their hometown. The second and third time happened an hour apart – first a tire and then the water pump.
Find them: youngatheartpa.com, facebook.com/youngatheartband, youngatheartband.tumblr.com, Twitter/Instagram: @youngatheartpa
Empire of the Sea
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Sounds like: Instrumental rock that is both melodic and ambient, invoking powerful imagery to get lost in.
Fun fact: The members of Empire of the Sea have all been friends since early childhood. They are collectors of rare and high-priced musical gear, including guitars, amps, and drums.
Find them: empireofthesea.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/empireofthesea, twitter.com/empireofthesea
Piscataway, N.J.
Sounds like: Indie/emo rock with pop punk flair.
Fun fact: The members of this two-piece band aren’t actually dads. They are, however, credited as one of the bands pioneering the “emo revival.” They were also featured in Alternative Press’ list of “100 Bands You Need to Know” in 2013.
Find them: wearentdads.com, facebook.com/dads420, dadsnj.bandcamp.com, Twitter/Instagram: @wearentdads​