QUICK CHORD: Worries, Sunning, and Pinder

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First Posted: 8/4/2014


Pocono Mountains, Pa.

Sounds like: A folky take on indie-punk layered with harmonies. This homegrown sound make you nostalgic for home and simplicity of being young.

Fun fact: Not only do they play music as much as they can, but they all lead very busy lives in very different industries: technology/design, film, and even marine science.

Find them: facebook.com/worriespa, worries.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @worriespa


Long Island, N.Y.

Sounds like: A combination of 1 part emo, 1 part punk, and a dash of post-hardcore giving you a “soundtrack to your thoughts questioning ‘What is life?’”

Fun fact: Harrison, the bassist, is a vegetarian. Tyler, the guitarist and vocalist, is a pescatarian. Paul, who also plays guitarist and is a vocalist, is poor so he eats napkins on tour.

Find them: facebook.com/sunningmusic, sunning.bandcamp.com, sunningisaband.tumblr.com, Twitter: @_sunning


Lakeland, Fla.

Sounds like: Indi/alternative — a mix of Tegan & Sara and Waxahatchee unplugged to create their soft and inviting sound doused in harmonies.

Fun fact: Pinder’s biggest fan is a pet rat, name Tokyo. She has been to every practice, and was even considered an honorary member, until they realized she can’t keep a beat and falls out of tempo. So, they’re still looking for a drummer.

Find them: pindermusic.tumblr.com, Twitter: @pindermusic, soundcloud.com/pindermusic, http://bit.ly/1tZPEht, http://on.fb.me/1rFYmzM